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The Importance of Insulating & Air Sealing Attics

Air sealing attics and properly insulating your attic are two of the most important things homeowners can have done to their homes.  Many homeowners think that their home is properly insulated because the entire attic floor is usually buried in Batt Insulation or Blown Insulation.  If your home appears to have a enough insulation but you still are not seeing a lowered power bill, then your attic may not be properly air sealed.  Today we will discuss the importance of air sealing attics and the effect it can have on your home.

Air Sealing Attics

The next time you are in your attic, look around and see if you notice any type of air sealing techniques that may have been performed during your insulation installation process.  Even if you have a new home, some insulation contractors do not properly air seal you attic! Look at or around some of the following areas to see if you notice, spray foam, caulk, or some other type of air seal product:

Top PlatesInsulating and Air Sealing Attics

Top Plates are the top of your wall.  This is an area that connects your attic to the conditioned space of the house.  Make sure that all of your top plates are properly sealed with some type of air seal product such as Spray Foam Insulation.

Gaps and Penetrations

Gaps and penetrations can be found in many different areas of your attic.  Look at your Top Plate and see if there are any holes that are coming through it.  Make sure all of those penetrations are filled.  You may also find Gaps in areas of your attic.  Install an Attic Air Seal product to ensure that these areas are air sealed properly.

Can Lights and Boxes

Can Lights and Boxes are one of the leakiest areas from your attic to your living space.  These areas should be addressed with a proper can cover or box cover and sealed into place with an appropriate attic air seal product such as spray foam insulation.

Pipes and Wiring

There are many areas that you will see pipes and wiring coming through the walls or ceiling.  Make sure all of these ares are properly sealed with an air seal product.

Duct Chases and Ducts

It is extremely important when air sealing attics to make sure all duct chases are properly sealed.  These are usually very large areas that will allow a lot of air leakage to occur if they are not properly sealed and insulated.  Your Ducts in general also should be looked over and inspected to ensure that they are properly sealed and your HVAC air is not leaking into your attic.Air Sealing Attics Spray Foam

Professional Inspection and Installation

Spray Foam USA realizes the importance of air sealing and insulating attics.  Some of our clients have chosen to completely air seal their attic rather than remove all of their existing insulation and install spray foam in their roof line. Although, spray foam in your entire roof will be your best option, having Spray Foam USA fully inspect your attic and install a proper air seal will provide a positive impact on your home’s comfort and energy bill.  Spray Foam Insulation provides the best option, but may be more costly than a critical air sealed attic with additional insulation added for performance.  Please contact Spray Foam USA today if we can help you with insulating and air sealing your attic.


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