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Winter Weather & Spray Foam Insulation

Winter made an extreme entrance for 2016 and spray foam insulation can help make the difference in how much you experience that weather in your home. Winter is the most prominent time to realize air loss and leakage in your home. We tend to notice the drafts of cold air from windows, doors and electrical outlets making its way into our cozy heated homes, but we also start to notice winter has effected our indoor environment other ways.  For those who request spray foam insulation during the winter,  the number one thing that lead them to spray foam was cold floors.

Cold floors are a result of a poorly insulated crawlspace. The air passes through the usual fiberglass insulation and penetrates the floor area where the heat is the less likely to make it way to. By installing closed cell insulation in your crawl space you will eliminate not only the air penetration but also moisture. Moisture can lead to a compromised building structure which also goes hand in hand with mold issues. An added benefit of adding closed cell foam to your crawlspace or attic, is that it will improve your building structure. When you go to plug up one of the many technological devices we find ourselves needing power for, check your electrical outlets. If you can feel the cold air pushing its way through, it is probably time to look at another insulation option for your attic. Spray foam insulation will seal up air leakage in your attic which is the largest contributor to air leakage.  If your outlets have cold air shooting through them, can you imagine all the areas that we don’t come in contact with directly that likely have the same issues?  Another way to help solve the annoying drafts and winter making itself apparent in your home, is using spray foam to weatherize windows, doors and other areas of air penetrating in. To help keep your home uninterrupted by winter, your best result is to air seal with spray foam insulation.

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